We believe in everyone’s innate ability to heal and transform themselves and we provide the coaching, skills, accountability and support to help you make significant and lasting changes in your life. Transforming your life starts with pausing and taking a step back to really look at your life and the way you are living. When you do that you create the space to ask yourself; Am I living my life through intention or through habit? Am I living a life authentic to me or the life I was told I was supposed to lead? Am I are living a happy and joyful life or am I living a life I have settled for? Asking these questions is not always easy and can be very uncomfortable but this is where true and lasting transformation begins.

After over 7 years of being wellness professionals working with hundreds of people in our community we have taken all of our knowledge, skills and experience online and created simple, beautiful and transformational online courses to help you live a more mindful, healthy and happy life. If you are ready to make lasting changes to your health and live a more authentic, joyful and mindful life you are in the right place, and we are here to help.

The best place to start? Join our free Mindful Living: 101 Facebook group where we discuss all things mindful living, post free videos and mini courses and get ideas and feedback from each other about how to live more mindfully, healthily and happily.


I did the Women & Wellness program January 2017 and I have never felt better. It is THE best thing I have EVER done for myself.


… [Their] holistic approach focus on the mind and spirit rather than just the body. The methods are down to earth and focus on implementing positive habits that will enrich your lifestyle. It is here that [their] passion and dedication to helping others improve their lives shines. I am now healthier, more confident about my body image, and, at 41, in the best health of my life.

Rebecca T