About Us

We started our careers in the health and wellness industry as personal trainers at a big box gym in 2010. After 3 years we left there so we could create our own type of holistic health and wellness facility offering our clients more than just workouts and nutrition tips. In May 2013 we (Zach Weese & Andrea Myers-Weese) opened the doors of ‘Compass’ to provide a brand new type of Health & Wellness services to our clients, focusing on personal and group training.

As the years passed we realized that the traditional approach to health and wellness; workouts, nutrition programs and ‘stress management’ was not working as a long term solution for our clients. In fact, adding these elements in to their already busy lives added on more stress, something none of them needed. And as soon as a big change happened in their lives there health and wellness program was the first thing to go. Often this is largely because their health and wellness ‘program’ was just another chore on the list, not a compelling, exciting and key part of their life. Also, by providing them with a set program they were in essence, putting us in the driver’s seat of their health and wellness and they weren’t able to take full control of their vision and plan.

This led us to leave the ‘fitness’ industry behind and transition in to a holistic health provider offering online courses, live events and one-on-one services that took a totally new and different approach to our client’s health and wellness.

Our Transformation

During this time of transition with the business we were going through a personal transition as well.  We were young entrepreneurs trying to build our business working 6 days per week (for 6 years), paying rent on our home and an expensive studio and living totally work-focused and off-balance. It was during this time that we started learning more about minimalism, LOHAS (lifestyles of health and sustainability), and Mindful Living, the three keys that changed our lives and brought us back in to a life of balance and harmony.

The more we learned the more we changed our lives; we went (mostly) vegetarian, then we chose to leave behind mindless consumerism and embraced minimalism, we committed to living a lifestyle of health and sustainability, and we closed our expensive studio in a nearby city and moved our business home. We also began growing our own food, crafting herbal medicinals, making preserves, teas and beauty products, raising chickens for eggs and committed to living a balanced and joyful life. These decisions opened up so much space in our lives to health, wellness and vitality that it reinvigorated our commitment to helping people transform their own lives they way we had transformed ours – from stressed and unhappy to healthy, joyful and free.

Now we rent a little house in the country where we operate The Mindful Living Tribe while we garden, raise chickens, spend time outdoors, rest and rejuvenate, and live a health, happy and mindful life.

Health & Happiness,
Andrea & Zach